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We present to you the artistic custom designs for the fashionable Barbie® Dolls. These are commissioned works of art by the talented Ms. Pilar Munoz-Artist. Every model is hand crafted and no two are exactly the same. Each one carries a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Ms. Munoz-Artist, in a ‘Galampi’ leather bound binder.
Ms. Munoz-Artist uses a special formula of ‘French Porcelain’ which she developed and refined through her many years in this art world. By the use of this ‘French Porcelain’ formula it is expected to last a lifetime. Furthermore, these Barbies®, dressed in immaculate ‘French Porcelain’ detailed dresses designs, are even more exceptional in that they are accented/adorned by use of REAL gold, diamonds, rubies, precious stones, pearls, etc. As you can imagine the detail work it takes to realize one Barbie® and to finalize it to the presentation level.
It is this type of artistic talent to details and perfection which is laborious and time consuming; to which is highly appreciated and receptive by exclusive art collectors; especially for high end Barbie® collectors worldwide. By only such efforts and exceptional reputation that Ms. Munoz-Artist exceeds the demanded high standards posed in this artistic world.
The recent “50th Anniversary of Barbie®” has brought forth tremendous sensations in the international levels and noted by its exploding phenomenas in such areas as Dubai and China, and surrounding countries, to name a few.
We are honored by thanking you in visiting our website and are mesmerized accordingly.
      Barbie Girl - Aqua